Kaam Bhaari & KR$NA Share Insights Of Their Story On Voice Of The Streets!

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Two proficient lyricists from two different cities. Two different stories but the same destination – Hip-Hop Culture. There are a lot of such unheard stories and these two emcees have shown how vastly different their roads go but lead to the same goal. Kaam Bhaari -a rising star from the streets of Mumbai – has a flow like no other. He was discovered a couple of years ago when he featured with Ranveer Singh on the “Dont Hold Back” video by Jack N Jones India. His verse clearly stood out from the others and instantly catapulted him to a bigger audience.

On the other hand, repping New Delhi – KR$NA has already touched the limelight years ago with numerous hits like “Sellout”, and “I’m Ready”, the latter a feature with Raftaar too. Their stories are far different from each other yet they have spun verses in the recent “Voice Of The Streets” promos that share common links. This series captures the emcees singing an Ode to Hip-Hop culture and sharing their personal introductions and insights on how they got into the scene.

Unity In Stories

Kaam Bhaari’s rise to success is notably a story of a kid who is a gem in the rough. He has dropped very few projects but the potential is already out in the open. He is a lyricist with a flow and delivery that is unique to him. That is what separates him from the crowd. His song “Kaam Bhaari” in the Gully Boy playlist has grown to be a fan favorite already.

KR$NA has been on a roll lately with well known releases under AK Projects’ belt. He’s been commercial, he’s been underground. He has gained a massive following in a short amount of time as well. The Delhi emcee strolls through his daily life at his home in the “Voice Of The Streets” video.