Juggy D, Ikka & Rishi Rich Launch New Heat With ‘Get Down’

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Three international desi rap stars merge their skills to bring you this banger! Juggy D, Ikka & Rishi Rich released “Get Down” that has a bass, electronic vibe to it and certainly is an instant hit with the party crowd. The song amps up the feel with the party vibes and it is one to keep your head ringing. The video for this song is top notch as is to be expected with a collaboration of this caliber.

Triple Threat

Ikka and Rishi Rich deliver a great range to the track with their bars and keep the vibes flowing while Juggy D brings in the catchy tunes that adds to the replay value of the song. The track has gained over 1.6 million views after launch and the momentum keeps growing. This is what happens when three great minds come together to make a track to make people bounce!

Juggy D has a unique style which separates him from a lot of artists in the scene. The vocal variations, the rhythms and sounds he rocks to, have a particular distinction from a lot of others in the game. This is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Ikka also is forever relevant due to this same reason. The wide range of songs he has to offer alone makes him a force to be reckoned with. Rishi Rich on his second collaboration with Juggy D, is also a global icon for Desi Hip Hop heads. These three prove that they can rock the catchiest tunes in their own particular fashions. The heavy beats with the rocking tunes further solidify this in the song.

Catch up on some new fire by Juggy D, Ikka and Rishi Rich! Turn down for what? Check the latest drop in the link below and don’t forget to share!