Jay Sean Is Back Better Than Ever! Teams Up With Gucci Mane & Asian Doll On “With You”!

Jay Sean is a name that resonates with the global Desi Hip-Hop/RnB audience. He is a hit-maker and one of the first Desi artists to clinch superstardom early on in his career. There are only a handful of global desi voices that would even compare to his. His legacy is forever cemented and the latest track goes to prove that he hasn’t lost his touch and can wield his voice to sound like it was just yesterday.


There is an aura of professionalism when Jay Sean steps into the booth and delivers classic after classic. It is hard work and dedication to the maximum potential that makes up the artistry. It has been a while since Jay Sean last launched a classic, and this is a comeback track to silence the critics. “With You” also features Gucci Mane and Asian Doll who have both matched the quality of sound that meets Jay’s own.

Comeback Season

In 2019, we are witnessing a new Jay Sean. One who knows the climate is different and adapts to the industry without attaching too much of himself into it. They say work hard in silence and let your success speak – these are the ideals of Jay Sean, an artist who has embodied these motives to this day. Jay Sean, Gucci Mane & Asian Doll are a strong package to bless your ears. The song is a summer banger already, and is gaining momentum as we speak.

The official music video dropped just a couple of days ago and is well on its way to reach over 300,000 plays and counting. Jay Sean has been dropping separate tracks for a few months counting the beginning of this year, but this is the one that truly breaks out as the comeback single. Watch “With You” by Jay Sean featuring Gucci Mane and Asian Doll down below and spread the word!