India’s First Generation Bgirl ShawtyPink On The Fifth Element With Dee MC


India’s first generation pioneer B-girl ShawtyPink from Mumbai joined Dee MC for a brand new episode of The Fifth Element.¬†Every single week on Tuesdays you can tune into the show specially curated by Dee MC herself. From emcees to bboys, graffiti writers to beatboxers and even DJs have been invited as guest artists on this show called as The Fifth Element which is all about knowledge. In fact, ShawtyPink is the second B-girl featured on the show.

Preeti Tiwari aka ShawtyPink started her hip hop journey after being inspired by fellow dancer B-boy Execution. Subsequently, Preeti learned from a lot of artists around her deriving inspiration from the fact that she is one of the very few females representing the B-girl community. Furthermore, she was originally known as ‘Pink’, a name that changed later to ‘ShawtyPink’ on B-boy Ninja’s recommendation. Being a part of Beastmode has been a cherished memory for Pink, who has constantly tried to push her boundaries.

One of the highlights of the episode was the new path ShawtyPink has set forth on. Recalling the injuries she had herself faced in the past, she wishes to be a helping aid for future bboys and bgirls. “I’ve undergone two surgeries for a wrist injury I got while jamming. Unfortunately at that time, there wasn’t anyone to guide me or tell me that surgery is not the answer. Doctors always rush and suggest surgery, there are other ways to go about an injury as well. As a matter of fact, you can take the signs your body is trying to give you when you are pushing yourself too hard – whether in practice or in jams.”

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Last year, the former B-girl took a totally new path forging her own story. Preeti is now a professional body builder and also a fitness trainer, a lifestyle she has adapted to quite easily thanks to her breaking days. We got to see a totally new avatar of Pink when she participated in a Bikini contest. She is truly a definition of a self-made independent woman and it was an honour to have her live with us. Moreover, the passion she showed to be helpful to bboys/bgirls who have faced any injury themselves, is inspiring to say the least. We wish her best in everything, don’t forget to watch the full episode!