India’s First Ever Graffiti Collective Has Just Launched!

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Graffiti has impacted the Indian Hip Hop scene in a powerful manner. For years, it has been the silent artform. It has been as mystic as it has been openly showcased across major cities (especially Mumbai). Take a stroll through various Mumbai streets and districts (especially on their western line) and you will notice the not so subtle tags of graffiti writers like NME, Mooz, Moron etc.

For years the Graffiti artists have been given visibility only during conversations around the culture of Hip-Hop in India detailing the elements. It used to be and in many opinions still is a standout element. The same light has not been shone upon this crucial element of Hip-Hop in India as much as on any other subculture/element in India Hip-Hop.

Doing Insane Sh*t!

This year, the OG’s of the Bombay Graffiti scene announced their decision to form India’s first Graffiti Collective “Doing Insane Sh*t” (DIS Crew)!

Follow the collective – Click Here – DoingInsaneSh*t

This is a breakthrough decision by graffiti writers Zake @zake_india , NME @nme_graffiti , Mooz , Elmac @elmacation , Rez Graffiti@rezgraffiti , and Sun1 @sun1_graffiti

The crew has big plans to push the graffiti culture further in India and beyond. Individually, each graffiti writer in the crew has a distinct style and skill level and collectively, each of the graffiti writers wish to push the culture bigger than each others personal achievements in the circuit. Follow the movement and view the gallery below!

Click on the images to view them in the official pages, there’s lots more in the official account and each of the above mentioned artist profiles!



Mooz One



Sun One

Rez One