Indias Biggest Independent Crowdfunded Festival Is Almost Here!


The 11th edition of Control Alt Delete – one of the only independently run festivals in India – is almost here! This is one for the entire independent music scene. The festival is run solely on the efforts of each of the artists and the organizers. This year, more than 45 acts across different genres are ready to play. CAD is the largest crowdfunded festival in India, and the line-up this time is as stellar as ever. And the best part for the viewers – its PAY WHAT YOU WANT at entry.

Visit for more details. You can contribute to the festival and add to the festivities on the website.

The Festivities Begin

Mark your calendars for 9th and 10th March and drop everything to hit the venue at Roaring Farms, Mumbai. This monster of a festival is going to ensure the best performances from the best performers. This is more than a festival, it is an experience to go through.

An event that screams “DIY or DIE”, if there was ever a spot to witness the rawness of music culture – this would be the venue to head to. And to the viewers from outside of Mumbai, or for those who want to beat the daily traffic – for the first time ever – CAD offers their “Camp At CAD” option, so you wont miss a thing! –

2 Days, 5 Stages, Over 45 Artists, All DIY. This is the spirit of Independent Music in India. Come through for a mind-blowing weekend.