India’s Most Anticipated Beatbox Championship – Colossal 4.0 Is BACK!


Bangalore has been a flourishing hotbed for subcultures since years. There is pure talent to be found in abundance in the region and they have a sound unlike any other. Beatboxing is one such element/subculture that has grown in popularity. And in a tightly competitive environment like that – Colossal 4.0 is 2019’s highlight for the biggest Beatbox Jam / Camp in India.

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Ranging from Workshops to Battles to After Parties to Rap Cyphers to Performances by some of the best beatboxers in India and the world, Colossal stands at the forefront of what the mainstream Indian Hip-Hop scene needs in terms of empowering its own subcultures. This event is a prime example of how important beatboxing is in creating raw and organic music. Beatboxing is slowly establishing itself as a genre of it’s own.

Beatbox Beasts

From the 21st to the 24th of November, Colossal – living up to its name – has planned 4 full days of events that will help core Hip-Hop heads and new ears to learn, grow and savour every moment they spend with the beatboxers and beatbox enthusiasts around them.

The platform acts as a pillar of knowledge to grow the artform in a well established manner. It is a unique concept and it is great to see the beatboxers uniting to further strengthen their artform. Bangalore is THE place to be right now if you want to witness how an artform thrives and functions live!

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Below is the judges gallery for this year’s edition of Colossal!