These Indian Rap EP’s Boast The Distinct Diversity In Our Scene!

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Beat your quarantine blues with some big tunes blasting from short EP’s from Indian Hip-Hop talents across the scene! These capsule sounds boast not only the talent in the industry today, but also how the scene also upholds a quality standard with respect to each of the sounds of these distinct artists. We’ve compiled some of these distinct sounds on this list, you can find more artists and sounds on our official All India Hip-Hop¬†playlist on Spotify!

1) Bombay Bassment – Ok, Dance

Five cheery, upbeat songs – Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop vibes all around; this one comes from Bombay’s legendary 4-piece band – Bombay Bassment. “Ok, Dance” is an EP that transports you directly inside the middle of a crowded Bassment concert.

This EP feels like a warm summer day, perfect for the weather right now, and just blasts you with positive vibes from song 1 to song 5! If you’re in the mood to sit back, roll one and teleport to a sunny concert in Mumbai, this should be your go-to EP!

2) Hanumankind –¬† Kalari

Hanumankind is an enigmatic prodigy to the Indian rap scene. Representing Bangalore, he has been making waves not just as a solo artist, but along with his band Ape Echoes as well. His debut EP “Kalari” is a very accurate representation of how Indian Hip-Hop is ready to throw artists at the global music industry and compete on a bigger platform with an abundance of artists.

This is on the opposite end of a handpicked, hyped-up few who are yet to find their sounds. “Kalari” is a rap purists find. It is an EP that comes from the heart and Hanumankind pours out his thoughts, emotions, and philosophies on unique beats.

3) Chabuk – Downmarket

Rap Rock is still a well respected niche in the Indian rap industry. Proficient emcee Microphon3’s second coming with 4-piece band Chabuk has delivered a compact, hardcore rap EP with “Downmarket”.

Downmarket fuses a Mumbaiya environment on to 4 loud, headbanging compositions, with Microphon3 penning the double-sided hypocrisies of the average Indian rap fan or artist. There is an element of humor attached to each of these songs, and the constant change of tune keeps you engaged to the satire and musical brilliance in this 4-song long story.

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