InderPaul Sandhu Drops Knowledge About Wealth With “Money Ain’t A Thing”


The song “Money Ain’t A Thing” by InderPaul Sandhu is already BBC Asia’s track of the week this week. We at extend our congratulations to the man for this well crafted song. “Money Ain’t A Thing” gives out a mature outlook on wealth. It is a short and sweet song about getting to the money. The most distinct thing about the track is the soulful voice and the emotions behind it. A laid-back flow and tune accompanies the vocals expertly.


Mind On My Money

This track is a soothing reminder that money is what we make it to be. InderPaul puts value on life and a living based on more than just money. The song also gives out a message about how artists shouldn’t be phased by the money because sometimes the money takes them ‘away from the dreams’. InderPaul also takes a stand to tell the people that he will never lose his soul for gold.

The track has been well received by a lot of audiences around the world and we are looking forward to more of InderPaul’s music. You can also find some of his previous work (including his EP –  iPaulEP) on his social medias. We now expect more amazing music and congratulate him once again for his accomplishments.

Check the track out below and let us know what your thoughts are about money once y’all are done listening to this track.