Independence Day Special – 6 Hip Hop Tracks That Will Make You Think!


Rap has always been a genre that spreads a message and social awareness through rhymes and beats. Firstly, its 15th August today. The day India gained its independence and became free from British rule after 200 years.

There are many things in our country which will make us proud. And on the other hand there are many which will make our heads hang with shame. Similarly, many rap artists in India have expressed both the positive and negative sides. Below are the tracks which according to us completely express this day.

independence day india

1) Shaheedi – Sikander Kahlon

This track by Sikander is worth listening if you are a fan of Bhagat singh. The track will bring you goosebumps as it talks about sacrifices made at the time of Independence. Furthermore, it compares the nature of ministers then and now.

2) Holi Hai – Motorcycles Shayaries

This rap track has its uniqueness as it’s a mashup of rock music with rap. The sound of drums and guitar along with the fiery rap is a great combination. Released on 16th March 2016 the track talks about the negativity in the society about the modern culture.

3) I protest – MC Kash

The track I protest was dedicated to the people of Kashmir as MC Kash says in the beginning of the track. The riots that took place in the summer of 2010 in kashmir has been covered in the track.

4) Be The Change – Big Deal, Rinosh, Gubbi

The track ‘Be The Change’ was an Independence Day special track released on 13th August 2014. The track is about accepting the modernity and changing yourself accordingly rather than putting the blame on the government.

5) Howda – Rahul Dit-O

The track Howda was released earlier this year on 8th March 2017. The track is a Kannada Rap and talks about the city Bengaluru. As a matter of fact, it is based on the mishap of New Year’s eve where many women were mass molested. Since then, questions were raised whether the city is safe or not any more.

6) All Men Must Die – MC Shaikhspeare Ft. Shaman

This amazing track came out on March 20th, 2016. MC Shaikhspeare from Mumbai has always been the one to rap about socially relevant topics. His collaboration with Shaman talked about many current affairs of 2016 and the video will take you through most of the incidents.

Hope you’ll enjoy the tracks mentioned above and will think about the things talked about in it. And also, make India and Indians proud by making it a better place. Happy Independence Day!