IncInk Records Artists joins DesiHipHop for #UNFLTRD Podcast

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IncInk Records – one of the most exciting independent record labels in India – joined us for a hilarious, and honest, chat in the past week’s #UNFLTRD Podcast, hosted by DJayRaf.

In episode 014 of the #UNFLTRD Podcast, DJayRaf caught up with IncInk Records’ artists – Spitfire, SlowCheeta, Nuka, Devil The Rhymer, & Rakhis. Not only did the artists share the unique qualities of the label & its artists, but they went on to drop inspirational gems of knowledge that can benefit artists around the world.

Watch #UNFLTRD Ep014 with IncInk Records

The record label was co-founded by actor Ranveer Singh, and highly acclaimed director Navzar Eranee, shortly after the release of ‘Gully Boy’. Since then, they have signed on a roster of talents from all across India. With artists like Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, and SlowCheeta, IncInk quickly became well known among the Hip Hop circles in India.

In an Instagram post in 2019, Ranveer Singh celebrated the launching of IncInk Records by saying, “My passion project. A manifestation of a certain vibe. IncInk is an independent record label formed by artists, for artists.”

IncInk was launched as a music label with the aim to promote raw hip-hop and rap artistes in the country. For Ranveer Singh, IncInk is more than a business, it’s a passion project, “My primary art is acting. For me, this is a pure passion project. It’s about giving back. If I see talented people making good art, I want to do my bit to get their voices heard. It’s a label that focuses on free creative expression. This music is important. We want music that’s potent, that the youth can connect with,” said Ranveer Singh to Kunal at Forbes India in November 2019.

During the #UNFLTRD Podcast, IncInk artists, SlowCheeta, Spitfire, Nuka, & Rakhis did an exceptional job of expressing what their true passions were. For some, it was the passion of Hip Hop, for others, it was a deep seeded passion for creating art that can change the world.

When asked if he had a message for the audience, Spitfire went on to say that “during COVID-19, it became more obvious that we should stop chasing things in life. Everyone’s goal should be to be happy, and if one can make Happiness their main goal in life, money, success, love, & everything in between, will be the by-product of that happiness.”

Truly an inspirational session of the UNFLTRD podcast, which streams live on YouTube, Facebook, & Twitch; with episodes available on Spotify, Apple Music, & Google Podcasts.