Ikka Traces His Past In The Heartfelt New Song ‘Interview’

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The story of Ikka as we all know and have heard is of a man that has made himself reach the top tier of Desi Hip Hop. There have been many questions, iterations and doubters along the way, but he has brought this latest song to silence the noise. “Interview” is a song that traces his journey. It is a song of self discovery and self pride. The world knows Ikka as the man on screen, but few know the story behind the words.

They say a journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first few steps. And in this song, we see Ikka tracing his crucial moments from his early life to his Mafia Mundeer days up until now. The song is different from a lot of sounds coming forward in the scene as it sees a unique story. Every emcee leads their own different lives and Ikka has never told his story in a complete and precise manner such as this. This is him reaching out to the world and showing them what he represents.

The Journey

“Interview” spills out with excruciating detail the time and moments Ikka has spent with family, close friends, industry legends and of course the snakes in the grass. Ikka has taken to the booth to churn out a 6 minute song detailing his experience with all these aspects of his life. Ikka has truly given his audience a reason to love him even more by opening up about his own life. There are key takeaways and insights about an artists life on this track. And the effort just doubles with the video.

Shot and directed by one of the finest videographers in the game – Shot by Inflict. He has developed the story on film format and choreographed the visuals in a perfectly fitting manner. The shots are well written and executed perfectly, the story evolves and so does the character.

In-Depth Interview

As of now, this song acts as a pillar of knowledge to a lot of upcoming emcees. The things that one has seen or done does not always make it to the artform in one way or another. The story of Ikka is out here just plain to see. He talks about his personal problems growing up, troubles with his alcoholic father, how he witnessed his mother cry, his failures in education, his early start into the Mafia Mundeer crew (which he never reveals why he left), his hit songs, and his journey forward meeting his other brothers and propelling himself to rap superstardom in India. The emcee brings back the essence of storytelling in the way he has painted this picture and recounts the good days and the bad. What is also good to see is that he has dropped the names of the people in his life who have both helped and hurt him.

Watch this heartfelt song “Interview” by the one and only Ikka down below. And let us know what you felt in the comments! Share this track as it is something that a lot of emcees can learn from.