Ikka Singh Is The Most Underrated Mainstream Desi Rapper! Here’s Why


Ankit Singh Patial, widely known as Ikka Singh is a hip-hop artist and a music producer from New Delhi. As a matter of fact, Ikka Singh was born to a Himachali Rajput family. Furthermore, he was also associated with a hip-hop crew called Black Wall Street Desis with Lil Golu and Raftaar. In fact, Ikka Singh was initially known as Young Amli.Ikka Singh

Apart from commercial stuff, no one has ever noticed his core hip-hop tracks. Much like Raftaar and Badshah, he has also surprised his fans by dropping pure hip-hop tracks. Similarly, we also know for a fact that his pen game is very strong. Did you know, he was also the member of Mafia Mundeer formed by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh? But, Ikka Singh was the one who left this group. He has also worked with many underground rappers as well. One of his finest work was with Nau Sau Bai, a Delhi based hip-hop crew. Then, he started working with JSL and dropped many tracks with him.

Ikka Singh is a multi-talented artist. He can produce and he can write lyrics as well. Hence, he works as a one man army. From writing lyrics to producing music, he can do everything on his own. One of his finest writing skills was on a track called “Main Fan Bhagat Singh Da” which is sung by Bollywood and Pollywood heartthrob Diljit Dosanjh. We thought to shed some light on the lyrical tracks Ikka did that got less recognition as compared to his commercial tracks. Thus, below is the list of Ikka’s finest work as a rapper –

1. Negative

Ikka Singh dropped this track in November 2014. As a matter of fact, the track is about killing the negative thinking which runs in your mind. Furthermore, Ikka Singh spat his rhymes on the instrumental which is created by Nickk.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Nahi main reh sakta negative soch k sath,

Jo aapke sath nahi aise dost k sath,

Jo kuch bhi hoga sochunga uske baad,

Nahi mila muje negativity se aram aahan.”

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2. Naam Mera Ikka

Ikka Singh dropped this track in January 2014 and he totally killed the instrumental with his rhymes. The beat is dope and Ikka Singh totally justifies the instrumental with his hardcore bars. Most of the times, many of us doubted his skills as a rapper but when you listen to this track, you will understand why he is such an underrated rapper.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Kuch log aise hain, jo mera naam nahi jantey,

Jo mera naam jantey hain,vo mera kam nahi jantey,

Jo mera kaam jantey, vo ye bhi jaantey, ki,

Konkaam ke hain or kon naam ke hain.”

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3. Main Hoon Ikka

This track came out in May 2012 and as a matter of fact, this was a track from Ikka’s album Gambler. The whole album was produced by the one and only Gaurav Dayal, the owner of Beat Factory Academy. JSL was a guest producer and he only did the production of this track. In addition, the track depicts the ups and downs of an artist’s life.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Hip-Hop sunaa maine poori raat saal,

Jay Z, Eminem mera bhootkal,

Main bhi tha wannabe kahin na kahin,

Baggie jeans, long T-shirts, yeh tha mera haal.”

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4. 2 Puff

The track was dedicated to all the smokers in the hood. In fact, he did the music and post production for the track all alone. You can listen to this track when you are low or aren’t feeling well, this track can cheer up your mood.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Ruke huye log, chalta hai raasta,

Maa ki kasam jaise hua koi haadsa,

Kaha tu chali matwali zindagi,

2 puff aur tuje mera vaasta.”

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5. Sohniye

Ikka Singh went romantic in this one. Much like his previous track “Negative”, the music for Sohniye is also produced by Nickk. The track came out in August 2012 and after listening to it, we feel this track needs more attention as there is no bullshit being said about women. Ikka Singh expresses his heart’s feelings through this track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Tainu paan lie channa, main tan jag bhul bhaita main,

Khende jinu dard e ishq, ohio laa bhaita main,

Teri ankhian da kajla, mainu lut put lainda das main ki karan,

Mere sajna jan makhna, teri ankhian de vich khusian main banke rawan.”

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Sapne is my personal favorite track because it depicts the story of every dreamer who wants to achieve something in his life. According to Ikka Singh, the track is about the people who passionately fulfil their dreams. The track is produced by Nickk. B Sanj did the post production for the track. It was presented by Panasonic Mobile MTV Spoken Word.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Muje kaha sabne, kabhi na honge poore mere sapne,

Bas, khade reh sath mere kuch apne,

Log dekh meri success lage khapne,

Mere lifestyle, jeene ke dang alag, mere sir pe hath rakha rab ne.”

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The track came out via T-series label which is known for promoting whack hip-hop tracks. However, we’re not sure how Ikka Singh convinced them for this track. Ikka delivered a pure hip-hop track on the peak point of his career. He can also deliver a commercial track but he did Shuruwat to motivate his fans. DJ Harps did the music for Shuruwat. Sandy Goswami did the video for the track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Mein shuru say shuruwat karta hoon,

Ik aam ghar ka mein ladka hoon,

Kar dinn dungne raat chogni,

Pariwar ko khush mein rakhta hoon.”

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We hope this piece was interesting. Comment and tell us, which is the most underrated track of Ikka Singh from the above-mentioned tracks.