IKKA And Lil Golu Team Up On Latest Hit Banger “Theek Hai”

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In the Hip-Hop multiverse only the strong survive. The weak have to either outsmart, outgrow or outshine their competition or stop making music. It is a cut-throat industry and a lot of rap acts take a backseat just because they are incapable of making moves due to various reason. In all this chaos, Desi rap veteran IKKA seems to soar through the skies of this music world like an eagle. He has been relevant to the Desi Hip-Hop scene since a long time now, and has amassed a cult following for himself. It is a quality that few artists in the rap game know how to collect and maintain.

Teaming up with one of the most notorious names in the Desi rap scenario – Lil Golu – Ikka delivers a banger to kickstart “FAB Entertainment”. “Theek Hai Theek Hai” is an outright banger. The song flexes on a rap scene in desperate need of change in the way it sounds commercially. Both Ikka and Lil Golu keep fresh verses ready when they go HAM on the beat. It is a song to be played and partied to.

Sab Theek Hai

One of the most promising facts about the song is also how close the verses sound to underground rap. Both Ikka’s and Lil Golu’s verses don’t compromise too much with their intrinsic value. This is also a song both commercial and underground Hip-Hop enthusiasts and casual fans will vibe to. It is Delhi street music on quality steroids. The music for the song is given by DJ Harpz. The video is directed by Sandy.

Check out the music video for “Theek Hai, Theek Hai” by Ikka and Lil Golu below, don’t forget to share the track! Keep it real ya’ll!