iQ_GujuBhai (Gujjubhai)


iQ aka “GUJU BHAI” (Gujjubhai) was born on August 15th 1977, 30 years after India’s freedom, to a family of Freedom Fighters. iQ’s life story resonates with many: immigrating to the US at a young age, watching his parents’ strive to make ends meet, struggling to assimilate, and create an identity for himself in the American Jungle. He has walked both sides of the line – Indian and American – Good and Hood. Although he has been in the states for over 25 years – his zeal and enthusiasm for India and its culture has been unparalleled. Speaking four different languages, living with four generations under one roof, and mentoring during his spare time – he not only ‘talks the talk’ but ‘walks the walk’. Check out GUJU BHAI !!

In his 2009 album “The.Rebirth”, he speaks the truth … straight from the heart.