Honey Singh

Honey Singh evolved as a highly successful Singer, Rapper and Music Producer. He started as a Session and Recording Musician and was able to earn a quick reputation as one of the Music Finest Talents. His magnetic attitude and positive personality provided him energy to work with some of the industry’s best singers. Spending countless hours in the studio, making best of music and putting raps down, Honey Singh produced masterpieces.

He took inspirations from Dr. Dre, Ludacris, Bob Marley, and James Brown. They were the major influences from the West as well as from his own cultural background. His other influences came from the greatest legends i.e. Chamkila, Kuldeep Manak, Malkeet Singh, and Apache Indian.

Honey Singh is the most Sensational name on the minds of youth today, he is the new super star ready to redefine Asian Music into the mainstream reaching all the listeners throughout the World. Every so often, a voice and talent comes to our ears, changing the face of certain genre of music and setting trends. Such a niche was carved by this tri-lingual incarnated 20 year young Honey Singh, who knows how to win hearts and is making the Asian Music Industry very proud.

So you may ask the songs which rapped the music industry so much! Well, to name a few are Panga, Dil Nachda, Thekea te nit Kharke, Chaska, Banjare, Lakk 28 and many more. The music is outstanding and his raps are mind blowing. Honey Singh, no doubt knows how to steal the whole show with the foot tapping Rap music. His work encompasses a blend of western with the “Shaking of notes” which has sutle Punjabi tinge in it. Making it universal in the minds of youth and proving its worth as a No.1 on Punjabi Charts indeed.