Hip-Hop Weighs In On Mayweather VS McGregor Fight

Floyd “Money” Mayweather emerged victorious against Conor McGregor and the Hip-Hop community cannot stop talking about it. McGregor actually had a pretty decent start and landed a few heavy blows but he was out-boxed by the still undefeated Mayweather. The match was finally stopped in the 10th round when it was evident that the worn out McGregor could not take it anymore.


The hip-hop community expressed their views on Mayweather’s victory on social media. Furthermore, Snoop Dogg was extremely vocal and said “50-0 nigga. The motherfucking champ, nigga,Fuck that motherfuckin’ punk ass McGregor. Bitch. Fuck him. The champ, nigga. That’s what you get for coming to a gang fight with a butter knife.” Also, Tory Lanez tweeted “Safe to say we can all say Floyd is the greatest.

Mcgregor did make a few snarky racial comments one day prior to the fight and I guess that is why Diddy tweeted, “THE REF SHOULD’VE LET HIM GET KNOCKED OUT!! #MAYWEATHERMCGREGOR“. Mayweather’s record is now 50-0, which makes him the greatest ever easily. Immortal Technique also posted, “TKO in the 10th. Mayweather… 50“. Talib Kweli also went ahead to acknowledge Mayweather’s victory by saying, “Money Mayweather. Yup.”

Finally, Krayzie Bone, Davey D, Pharoahe Monch, Banco Poppa, MC REN among other rappers did not shy away from extending their congratulations to Mayweather on his victory and an illustrious career.

Did you watch the match? Comment your views about it!