Hip Hop unites in support for Teen Protesters in Bangladesh

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Teenagers in Bangladesh are in jeopardy. Why? Because they wanted better traffic laws after the deaths of two teenagers hit by a speeding bus in Dhaka. This led to multiple days of protests in Bangladesh. And really, the protests were not all that dangerous until politicians decided to get involved and ruin everything – like they usually tend to do.

What started as peaceful protests by thousands of students, demanding tougher penalties for those responsible for traffic accidents, turned violent when the Baaler Chat police fired tear gas and used water cannons on the protesters. Why even blame the cops? They are just doing their jobs. The blame clearly lies on the leaders at the top (and the rest of ’em who run this circus).

Dozens of students were injured.

Let’s take this moment to collectively say “🖕 OFF” to the brilliant politicians who thought beating up minors was a great idea. 

By the way, this is what tyranny looks like.

Journalists were also targeted, with prominent photojournalist Shahidul Alam detained and reportedly tortured. Human Rights Watch says groups linked to the ruling Awami League party attacked protesters with machetes and sticks, but the government denies its activists were involved. Of course, what else is new, right?

Hip Hop : The Art of Speaking Out

On a positive note… well, somewhat positive note… This unrest sparked the attention of Hip Hop activists & Musicians all over Bangladesh.

Rappers and Hip Hop heads in Bangladesh did their part to bring attention to the situation by numerous ways. Some created music to raise awareness, some went and joined the protests, some used their platforms and fame to connect with media outlets around the world.

Skibkhan also released a single dedicated to the protesting teenagers.

Skibkhan ft Grooveyard – Abar Juddhe Jetey Hobey

Dedicated – Mr Judge, Mcc E Mac, Mosharaf

Sha Vlimpse also used his platforms and social media to bring attention to the situation