Does Hip-Hop Music Really Affect Your Lifestyle?

Hip-hop music conveys a story or a message from an artist’s lifestyle or society. Unfortunately, not every hip-hop music artist is true to the art. First and foremost, hip-hop music was initially a form of conveying social messages musically. It was always about keeping it “real”. Gradually, music industry’s norms started taking it over and it became a part of the business.

Hip-Hop music is one of the most popular & best selling music genres of modern era. In fact, Drake is the only hip-hop/R&B artist who has ruled the Billboard charts for more than eight years. Yes, he has always been there. Furthermore, other music genres have adapted hip-hop sounds subliminally as well. Modern day pop songs uses hip-hop kits this way or the other. Basically, hip-hop is taking over the music business.

But if hip-hop music is this much popular, does it really affect the lifestyle of its listeners?


It is definitely not wrong to say that an artist inspires his audiences. Fans, on the other hand, fancy the things that they hear on the radio. A modern day casual listener is listening music that talks about alcohol, sex, drugs, money, cars & police. So, is hip-hop music is affecting the lifestyle of these listeners? No! They’re getting influenced by an artist for sure. Its like becoming a gangster after watching Scarface.

You might already know that Gangsta Rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop music. In fact, gangster rap was originally introduced by hip-hop giant Ice-T. However, it became a prominent and celebrated style of hip-hop music when N.W.A. popularised it worldwide. Throughout these years, gangsta rap has been the centre of attraction for the critics. Intellects accuse the genre of promoting sex, drugs, violence (including killings, street fights), rapes, breaching the law, narcissism and much more. While it’s a sub-genre of hip-hop itself, gangsta rap is also the parent genre of other sub-categories including G-Funk, Narco-corrido and others. Negativity sells, right?

It is not 100 percent correct to say that hip-hop music talks only about these things alone. The world always runs on a balance of negativity & positivity. There’re artists who’re literally compromising on this lifestyle to convey greatness through their music. If an artist is portraying his lifestyle through his music, he doesn’t necessarily want you to be like him. There is conscience which guides you to do something right or wrong. Blaming your acts on the heads of others is a plain escape-route. The final decision of doing something lies in your hands. There’s always a “no” which could prevent your future. Live wisely, live smart.