Hip Hop Movement – Sun J ft. Dee MC “Got To Move” Is OUT NOW!

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One of the first drops from Indian underground this year is a collaboration between Delhi and Mumbai’s finest emcees. Sun J roped in Dee MC for their latest release “Got To Move”. With the fast pace growth of hip hop in India, it is time for all the hip hop heads to be making moves. That’s the message put across “Got To Move”.

Sun J has single-handedly executed the production as well as mixing of “Got To Move”. Both the emcees have brought in fire verses, with stark contrast in their use of Hindi language. Sun J’s Delhi street flavour mixed with Dee’s bilingual bars is surely a treat to watch.

The music video has been shot and edited by Romi Kahlon. DesiHipHop is exclusively distributing the track on all major platforms. “Got To Move” is the anthem of a new year, urging the hip hop followers to keep the movement livelier than ever before. If there was ever a time to be productive, it is NOW!

Stream Sun J ft. Dee MC “Got To Move” Here 

Sun J has lot music in store with artists from India as well as overseas. Being a first generation Hindi emcee, Sun J has developed such a unique style that it stands out from the rest. Roping in India’s leading female rapper Dee MC for the joint only added the spark. “Got To Move” is here to stay, have you watched it? Share your views with us.