Hip Hop Legends D12 Show Some Love For Lazarus’ New Freestyle Friday Drop


American born Desi rapper Lazarus is on a steady roll grinding day and night. Being both a full time doctor and a passionate musician is not a child’s play. However, Laz makes it seem all too easy! Recently the rapper dropped a sick new DHH exclusive Freestyle Friday named “American Dream”. Laz left no stones unturned in penning down his emotions.

Legendary hip hop group D12 have been fond of Lazarus’ music since a long time and have also worked with the rapper previously. Surely enough, they showered love and appreciation for “American Dream” as well. D12 took to their Twitter handle and shared Laz’s track giving him a special shout out. Certainly feels good to see Desi hip hop get international recognition!

Check out the tweet here –

Exclusive! Lazarus & D12 Music Video ‘Behind The Scenes’ Footage!Lazarus with D12

Lazarus spoke his heart out in “American Dream” talking about his journey in the rap game. The Detroit born rapper has been dropping some fire tracks this year and has also travelled across the globe for his music. Rooq produced the banger beat for this Freestyle Friday while our very own DJayRaf shot the visuals. Hugo Castillo did the engineering for “American Dreams”.

Raf and Lazarus flew all the way to Las Vegas recently where they shot the latest episode of On The Road with DJayRaf. In which we revealed how Laz manages to shuffle between his two personas – a doctor and an emcee. “American Dreams” was recorded and shot at The Tone Factory Recording Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check out the video of “American Dreams” by Lazarus here –