Hip Hop Fashion Inspired By International & Desi Rappers!


With many rappers emerging as influential icons in pop culture, it’s no surprise that people look up to them as trendsetters. When it comes to fashion, hip-hop artists are the first ones that top the chart with their unique sense of style, thanks to their distinctive style of music.

Throughout the years, we have seen hip-hop genre evolve and with that, the glam and bling attached to it. Sharply tailored designer outfits, trendy snapbacks and fresh sneakers replaced baggy denim jeans and glittery chains as rappers added some funk to their wardrobe and became a popular names amongst the high-end fashion brands in the market.

And accept it, while growing up, as we played the songs of our favourite rappers on repeat, we also did try to look every bit of them by adding similar outfits in our day-to-day lives. Matter of fact, we still do it, because music isn’t the only thing that influences us but the artists’ dressing styles as a well.

With this piece, we tried to put together a list of desi and videsi rappers who have got style that we can totally borrow, and try to make it happen! Take a look:

Desi and videsi hip-hoppers with funk


Our gully-boy from Mumbai absolutely knows how to rock that street style which smoothly compliments his style of music. Whether on or off-stage, Divine likes to keep it simple.

Repping his Gully Gang t-shirt paired with ripped jeans or branded joggers, Divine’s dressing style is all about comfort. A funky bandana or a snapback and fresh kicks, add the extra element to his outfit.

If you’re someone who’s all about the subtle street style, then you can totally join the Gully Gang and borrow his style.


Baggy outfits and gold chains are thing in the past, no? Well, no. Not when we are talking about Bohemia as the rapper is all about ‘em cozy vibes. When it comes to fashion, Bohemia isn’t one of those who likes to experiment or take it far off the hook. One look at him, and you know grey, black and white are his favourite colours.

Bohemia is all about those cozy pullovers, joggers which he pairs with beanie and kicks to match it all. Oh, and how can we forget a simple gold chain and black shades to complete the outfit? His style is a fusion of class and comfort.

Raja Kumari

The extreme talented singer-songwriter Svetha Roa or better known as Raja Kumari is known for blending hip-hop with Indian classical music and it also shows in her outfits. There’s no denying that Indian culture reflects the way Raja Kumari, who has a degree in Ancient Indian history, dresses.

By blending floral prints or ethnic attires with a little bit of streetwear, you can get the same look. But do not forget to add some Indian jewelleries such as jhumkas and nose-rings to complete the look.


The UK-based rapper Raxstar has a very simple and classy fashion sense. Looking at his attires, it’s easy to figure out that Raxtstar likes layers. He often completes his plain old white or black t-shirt with jeans look by adding a swanky jacket, overcoat or hoodie.

You can also swap your normal tee with ‘Hanji Hello’ t-shirts and get the similar look. Just don’t forget to add a snap back and some sweet kicks to complete the minimally plush look.

Dee MC

Remember the time when people rolled their eyes as they claimed “girls can’t rap!”, well, meet Deepa Unnikrishnan, better known as Dee MC. The 24-year-old girl from Mumbai has time and again proved everyone wrong and broken stereo-types with her mean raps and fire bars. Just like her rapping style, Dee MC’s fashion sense is equally quirky and feisty. With green in her hair and twinkling jewelry around her neck, Dee’s fashion sense is a fusion of street and retro hip-hop. Mixing baggy capris with a vibrant tank top and a shiny bomber jacket, or just keeping it plain and simple by going all black, Dee MC surely has a variety of ensembles in her closet.

The young rapper puts her ensembles herself and is her own stylist. But don’t worry, it may look like a task to get her outfit right but it’s not really that tough. If you’re picking denim bottoms, pair it with white/black sticker-on t-shirts and top it up with a bomber shiny jacket. For casual look, pick a tank top and pair it with joggers; put on some funky kicks to complete the look. Net dresses are her thing. So if you’re feeling dressy and want a look inspired by her, go for a net/see through knee-length box dress. You can wear a tank top and shorts beneath of your choice. Finish the look by putting on a pair of boots.

Poetik Justis

The Mumbai-based rapper Poetik Justis spits fire when he is on the mic. When it comes to fashion, Poetik Justis aka Vineet Nair, has a very urban style. The rapper, who is a part of Elsewhere crew, likes to experiment with his looks.

Leaning towards dark colours, Poetik likes his outfits hip and trendy. Baggy certainly is his thing and so are cargos pants. If you are inspired by his fashion sense and trying to get his look, stick to black, on most part. Also, add a few camouflage prints to your wardrobe and do not forget the snapbacks. You can complete the look with sneakers of similar texture tone.


The Toronto-based Canadian rapper Fateh Singh or better known by his stage name Fateh Doe or Fateh likes layers, too. Repping the casual street style, Fateh prefers the faded dark tonal colours. From white to black to beige, get the plain textures. Pair the plain tees with ripped or loose fitted jeans and add a denim or zip-up jacket to complete the look. When not having a casual day, Fateh likes to dress it up with a three-piece suit.

In order to dress like Fateh, just pair your whites with blacks and beige well and jazz it up with some cool jacket or coat.


Apart from his excellent music, Kendrick’s aesthetic fashion sense has got the world talking. Unlike the rappers we see these days, Kendrick’s dressing style is humble. Staying true to his Compton roots, Kendrick reps the street style.

Apart from being typically dressed in jeans and t-shirt combo, Kendrick has a fabulous sense when it comes to playing with Tonal colours. Yet again, colours here don’t matter as Kendrick is mostly dressed in steady selection of muted whites, blacks and greys and oh, they just look fantastic if paired well.

While streetwear is all about simplicity, Kendrick likes to make a statement by spicing his outfits up. Kendrick Lamar is often seen adding the extra element to his outfit by wearing a bomber or denim jacket.


Over the last few years, fans have seen Drake grow musically and style wise as well. Although the three time Grammy award winner likes some high end brands such as Stone Island and Moncler, he usually likes to dress it down. Plain old hoodie, t-shirt or jeans, that’s what Drake is usually spotted in, or even tracksuits. Drake doesn’t do loose or skinny jeans, he prefers it simply fit, so don’t experiments with bottoms.

If you are impressed with Drake’s fashion sense and want to add some of it to your wardrobe, we would suggest you to keep it simple, because that’s how Drake dresses. Unlike Kanye, Drake doesn’t do prints. So avoid patterns, logo’s and prints when it comes to picking up a shirt or a hoodie. Keep it plain and simple. If it’s black, keep it plain black. If it’s pink, just keep it plain pink. Avoid unnecessary prints on it.

Drake likes to keep it bright and fresh so don’t be afraid to pick soft colours.

Chance the Rapper

The Grammy award winner from Chicago, Chance the Rapper is surely breaking fashion rules with his clean and classy style. Apart from his music, he is well known for his overalls. Some good khakis, white t-shirt, denim jacket and white sneakers, and there, you got yourself basic Chance’s average day-to-day style. On different days, you can switch by simply putting an overall and a cap.

Chance also likes to add layers of thin clothing as well. So don’t hesitate to jazz it a light up.

Snow Tha Product

Claudia Alexandra Feliciano, better known as Snow Tha Product, is a proud Chicana MC from the California area who’s steadily carving her own path in the rap game. Unlike a few women in hip-hop, Snow’s style is loud, but very subtly.

While dressing up like any other girl, the funky part about Snow’s style is her hair. Be it red, aqua blue or green, Snow likes to experiment with her hair colour and that’s something unique also hassle free, and these days, funky hair colours are in. So maybe it’s the right time to fulfil all your wild dreams on the list?

Snow also is the founder of Woke shop that sells casual wears such as hoodies, pullovers, t-shirts and snapbacks and her clothing line has the same vibe as her.

Angel Haze

The Detroit-born rapper, who identifies as agender and prefers the gender-neutral pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’, has a very androgynous style. Angle Haze has a very mysterious and soothingly dark sense of style. She is often spotted sporting distressed concert tees, ripped designer skinny jeans and rugged Saint Laurent boots.

A few years back, Haze told a magazine in an interview that, “I dress like I am going to a funeral every day.” Haze doesn’t like colours and prefers dark tones, especially black.

If they are someone you admire and want to dress like, be sure to pick the distressed and ripped clothes. Bands’ t-shirts, fitted jeans ripped in parts should do. You can add extra texture by layering it with oversized coats or solid shrugs.


You don’t have to be his fan to admire the fact that Kanye’s fashion game is straight up on point. Kanye, at the moment, may not know where he is heading (embraces self for pseudo you-are-not-even-a-real-fan comments), but when it comes to his fashion, he surely knows what’s hot.

As the man himself said once, “I dress to impress myself,” Kanye has set the bar quite high in the fashion industry with his unique picks. Donning his brand is not really pocket friendly, however, it’s not that tough to drive inspiration from his style.

Kanye’s style is ‘Pop Lux’. “Everything about me is pop and luxury,” he had said once in an interview. So, his style is casual with a hint of sophistication. The rapper likes to incorporate a lot of layers to his style, along with a lot of patterns and dark shades.

Experiment with hoodies, jackets and add some textures to your outfits. Monochrome and Tonal do wonders every seasons. Boots or trainer practically go well with every outfit and are ready-to-go for your day-to-day outfits. Go ahead and add some funk to your white, black and greys, because that’s what Yeazy does.


Eminem likes to add some fire to his songs, not his outfits. The rapper who has always found himself in the midst of controversies, likes to keep it casual when it comes to his personal attire and dressing style.

Throw in some old t-shirt and cargos paired with zip-up tops or a bomber jacket, and you’ll probably be able to get Slim Shady’s ultimate style right. Oh, don’t forget to the hood up, since that’s his signature look. Eminem prefers block colours like black, dark grey, and you get the idea.

In case hoodies and bomber jackets are not your style, then you can go for classic old Eminem. Just put on a plain white t-shirt and joggers, pair it with some simple trainers and there you have it.