Hip Hop Don’t Stop At The Haji Springer India Tour!

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Indian Hip Hop just got time stamped by the Haji Springer India Tour. American Desi Hip Hop star Haji Springer came down to India to go on a two city tour. Fans from Mumbai and Delhi were eager to catch their rap idol live and both the cities turned up to show him love. Delhi however had its own energy much higher and louder than that of Mumbai!

Haji Springer India Tour Desi Hip Hop
It is undeniable that fan following of Haji Springer and the whole KDM family is much stronger in the Northern belt of India. Haji himself was anticipating the Delhi gig to be better than his performance in Mumbai. However, everyone was in for a surprise on September 29th at Raasta, Delhi.


The gig that was set to begin at 9PM sharp at Raasta was delayed by an hour. Its not an unknown fact that hip hop from the streets was never fully welcomed by the venues be it in any city of India. Venues aren’t particularly thrilled by the audience that shows up and often decide to stop stag entry. They also increase the age limit from 21 to 25, which leaves most of the audience outside the venue.

Something similar went down in Delhi. When the doors of the clubs stopped them from coming in, the artists immediately turned to the next best thing they could do – cypher! The cypher culture in India sprung from Mumbai, but Delhi outdid that only in a few years. The scene was surreal to watch as rapper D’Evil was spitting bars for the people, who for a minute forgot about the discrimination they had just faced. Power of hip hop? We think yes.

Glimpse of the street cypher –

Even the delay and confusion couldn’t stop the fans from being enthusiastic as ever! Desi Hip Hop’s RnB star Shizty kicked off the show with her upcoming collaboration featuring D’Evil. The audience already got a gist of what D’Evil had to offer from the cyphers and his performance was equally appreciated.

Dee MC and Trap Poju rocked the crowd next, performing unreleased songs from their respective upcoming albums. Dee MC and Sunit Music will be releasing their album this year while Trap Poju and HHB are planning to do so early 2019. Delhi’s favourite hip hop RJ Raaj Jones was the host for the night. While DJ Karma was on deck duty spinning beats for all the artists. Next on stage was none other than Kala Kurta Gang!

Sikander Kahlon, Rob C and Sady Immortal blessed the crowd with some of their hit tracks including “Fake Yeezys”. KKG has an undeniable footfall of followers in Delhi. It was clear as day that the crowd was in awe of their whole set, creating an aura of excitement for the next performance. Sun J and the Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective took over the stage with a bang!

Members of the Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective are fierce to the core and never forget to pay ode to the old school roots of hip hop. Sun J himself started off his journey as a bboy and the influence of breakbeats is evident from many of his tracks. As a matter of fact, during the performance of his latest track “I Don’t Work Like That”, another incident took place.

A hyper fan got provoked by Shan Crozy’s moves on stage and literally pulled him off the stage into the crowd. When Sun J and Jinn tried to defend Crozy, Jinn suffered a cut on his hand. The situation was brought under control after the bouncers assisted that fan out of the venue. This surely isn’t the first time that a fight broke out during someone’s performance. However that barely made any difference for the next set!

Haji Springer & 3am sukhi

May it be delay or brawls, Haji Springer was totally unaffected by all the obstacles. His vision was clear – entertain my Delhi fans to the fullest! And so he did. Haji’s Mumbai performance was no doubt really good, but he seemed to be in his full form at the Delhi gig. Fans who knew his songs tagged along for the choruses, while 3AM Sukhi won them over with his English bars. Tracks like “Kya Bola” and “Keede” were some of the highlights from the set.

Haji Springer, 3AM Sukhi and Sun J raised the roof together at The Habitat in Mumbai as well. Sun J and Haji performed their unreleased collaboration tracks produced by Haji. The brotherhood was really real between this trio and fans were equally inspired by it.

Bollywood rapper Ishq Bector also showed up in support of Haji. Mumbai’s Finest hosted the gig and gave an energetic performance too. DJ Slimilind rocked the crowd at the Mumbai gig while his baby boy also showed off his scratching skills!

Haji Springer and the little DJ that wooed the crowd

All in all Haji Springer’s India tour was full of energy and vibes, despite the tiny hiccups along the way. However, we do believe that its about time Indian venues stop discriminating amongst hip hop audience. We come from the streets, and that’s where we’ll put on a show if need be!

Haji Springer & Ishq Bector strike a poseĀ 

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