Here’s What Went Down At The 10th Anniversary Of “The Culture”


For those of you who don’t know – “To The Culture” is the biggest urban dance network in India. Founded by UDK (UnderDogKombat) crew; “The Culture” is one of the biggest dance and hip hop festivals that they have to offer. UDK crew has come a long way since their humble beginnings to organising a festival this big each year. And in 2018, they sparked their 10-year anniversary event in a grand manner.

Members of the UnderDog Kombat crew are one of the pioneers of breaking and hip hop culture in India. They have been in the game a decade plus, and are still going strong. In India, the Hip Hop culture started predominantly with an outburst of breakdancing. And UDK crew were one of the firsts to do it.

The Culture Turns 10

Along the years “The Culture” has taken place in different venues around the city of Bombay. This year it took place in one of the best malls in the city – Infiniti Mall. Events like these gather huge eyeballs from not only just the Hip Hop crowd, but even outsiders and common public. This is because the festival takes place the whole day in the centre of one of the busiest malls in the city. The event gathers the best of bboys/girls, emcees, and other acts in and around the city of Bombay.

In case you were not present on this 10 year anniversary event, worry not, we at have you covered with the videos courtesy of “ToTheCulture”s official YouTube channel. So sit back relax and ready yourself to watch how the whole event went down. This is real hip hop combining the culture!

The Judges

Starting out with the breaking judges – 3 highly esteemed bboys were selected on the panel. Bboy Bunny (Roc Fresh Crew), Bboy Shawn (Black Ice Crew), and Bboy Last Minute (Sexy Socks Crew) gave us a run for our money with the judging showcase that they presented. These 3 are veterans in every sense of the word. They have honed their skills perfectly and with time have personally grown to become frontiers of their natural styles. Watch the breaking judges showcase down below.

Next up we have the Krump Judge showcase by Sabertooth. The best thing about it is the energy that he brings to the table solely on his own. The intensity and the vibe of the room completely changes when he starts performing. Check out the video and see for yourself the raw uncut power of Krumping.

After that we have the Popping judges showcase. Sameep & DontStop of the NaturesPlay crew gave hip hop heads and onlookers alike some slick moves to watch out for. Check the video out below to watch the amazing moves!

We also had a Waacking judge showcase from TeeJ who had the crowd in awe with her elegance and beauty in rhythm. There’s some real grit and passion in these moves and you can tell just how uber talented she is with these moves. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

The Emcees

This year at The Culture 2018, we saw the emcee showcase performed by the “Dharavi United” supergroup. This group consists of many major Dharavi Hip-Hop crews like Dopeadelicz, Enimiez, 7Buntais and so on. The emcees moved the crowd with their skillsets like only these emcees can! It was a sight to see, the stage filled with some of the great upcoming talents that the city has to offer.

The cypher showcase was presented by, and in partnership, with the growing apparel brand – Urban Monkey. Urban Monkey has an amazing collection of snapbacks and backpacks that the crew endorse proudly!

The Finals

In the Waacking category, the finals were between Anushree and Geet. It was an intense match up, and even the crowd agree that it was very evenly tied. As you will notice in the video below, both the finalists were neck and neck in their level of skill. But Geet took the win and all we can say is that it was a well deserved win.

This year we saw a crazy match-up in the Three-On-Three All Style category. The participants gave it their all and went all in to put on a show that will be remembered for a long while now. The best thing about the all-style categories is just the diversity of talents that we get to see from each of the participants. Watch the video below and judge for yourself which side had the better edge on the other!

Bboy Sohail grabbed the number one spot at the seven to smoke Bboy footwork championship. A seven to smoke match up is one which tests not only the skill of a Bboy but also his or her grit, strength and stamina. The competition was so close that they had to have a tie breaker to decide the actual winner. Watch the video below and check out for yourself!

The solo breaking category finalists came down to a beastly match up between Bboys Goodkid and Abdul. This was a heated battle with both the bboys chasing glory for each other in the ring step after step. But in the end, only one B boy prevailed out on top. Bboy Abdul fought his way to the Championship and won it in this close match! Watch the video below to witness amazing talents of both these extremely gifted b-boys!

Wrap Up

This was just a quick recap of some of the best moments of the culture 2018. There are some battles on this playlist that deserve praise and love for the art form itself! Events like these are what keep the Desi Hip Hop culture pushing forward on a larger scale each time. More power to all the organisers, bboys, emcees and all of them involved in the process. This is the beauty of the culture! Let us know what you think of movements like these and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel!