Here’s The First Look Of Bombay Lokal VS SlumGods Street Battle


Bombay’s most reputed Hip-Hop collectives went shoulder to shoulder in a street battle. The event held in Nallasopara on Saturday is easily1 one of the liveliest hip hop gig anyone has ever seen in the Desi scene. Emcees, breakers, bboys, DJs everyone smashed the jam with their talent and energy! Finale battle between SlumGods and Bombay Lokal turned heads of all the people passing by the street jam.

(Bombay Lokal emcees Shaikhspeare, Gravity and Rhymix)

On an indifferent humid day in Mumbai, SlumGods and Bombay Lokal team put in their sweat, blood and tears to organise this Street Battle. From setting up stage to making sure the event goes smoothly, the artists themselves did it all. That’s the power of hip hop in the streets, self sustaining when the world shuns it. The event kicked off in the evening with open mic cyphers and open round cyphers going simultaneously between emcees and breakers alike.

3(D’Evil and DJ Blunt)

Producer on the decks was HHB who provided the perfect break beats every breaker desires to hit the floor on! You will soon get to hear a one of a kind Breakbeats EP from HHB and Desi rappers. Post which the special guest acts took place. One by one Mumbai’s top emcees performed and wooed the crowd with their on stage persona. Bombay Lokal kicked off the performance line up with tracks like “Hadd Kardi” and “Maarenge”. D’Evil, who was also the host of the whole jam, won hearts by performing his hit tracks like “Kadki” and unreleased track “Hip Hop Bajega” from HHB’s EP along with DJ Blunt.

2(Poetik Justis and EMF)

EMF connected with the mostly Marathi crowd by rapping a beautiful Marathi song that he dedicated to his mother. Surely people were mesmerised hearing rap in their own lingo! SlumGods member Poetik Justis performed tracks like “Bhaari Scene” and his upcoming single “Chalega”. Dee MC represented female power by spitting some sick rhymes, including her latest release “Marriageable Age” which had the crowd roaring in agreement because of its social relevance.

Dee MC(Dee MC)

After a series of back to back dope performances began the night’s main act. Street Battle between SlumGods and Bombay Lokal. Shaikhspeare, Gravity and Rhymix represented BL as emcees while Poetik Justis and HHB did the same for SG. D-Cypher killed the beatboxing, no questions asked! Although the other beatboxers also showed promise. Breakers went ham on the floor with sick moves, airflares, freezers and much more! All in all it’s safe to say that SlumGods mostly had the upper hand due to emceeing and breaking.

Bombay Lokal VS SlumGods street battle

But at the end of the day, HIP HOP WON! We wish to see more such street jams in the city as well as across South Asia. It was amazing to see the common people, who have zero idea about what hip hop is, coming in and encouraging the artists with claps and cheers.┬áHip-Hop started from the streets, to feel connected to the culture’s roots its necessary to go back to it and give the commoners a glimpse of what we’re doing.

Bombay Lokal VS SlumGods street battle