Hear Premz’ Battle Cry


It’s about time the scene delivered to us some raw, real-talking and hard-hitting rap, and there is no doubt that with Battle Cry, Premz went in hard!

It’s clear that this young Southern rapper has a lot to say and with his fresh, straight-talking lyrics and articulate delivery, he’s the kind that makes you want to sit up and listen.

Battle Cry speaks volumes: making it in the rap world is a battle for those that know the struggle, and Premz isn’t afraid of other rappers judging, mocking or abusing him; his cry is loud and clear and the passion he has for taking rap/hiphop music back to the days of authenticity ooze through the bars of Battle Cry.

In a scene where it’s not very clear who’s true and who’s fake, Premz is keeping it completely real – this is why his music needs to be heard. He’s been hard at work the last couple of months working away on his next release, a collection of music which he intriguingly entitles Loud Silence and we at Desi Hip Hop for one, can’t wait to hear it.

Is the silence of people not saying what needs to be said about to be broken? We’ll just have to wait and see, but until Loud Silence releases, check out the Battle Cry of a musical soldier who knows just how to put up a lyrical fight.