Hear All Your Favorite South Indian Emcees Around The World On The “Kumari Kandam” Album!


Parimal Shais’ debut independent hiphop/rap album is a treat for Indian HipHop fans. It features a bunch of highly talented and up-and-rising South Indian based artists like Navz-47, Cartel Madras, ThirumaLi, Humankind, and many more.

This year has ushered in some really great producer projects with a range of artists across cities. And “Kumari Kandam” does not disappoint. In an ocean of music, these collective efforts stand out from the rest. This album is mythical, mythological, and as grand as it gets. Plus, the features across the globe just adds to the intensity.


Kumari Kandam, also known as Kumari Nadu/Tamilakam refers to a mythical lost submerged continent with an ancient Tamil civilisation found in Pandyan kingdom legends, located south of present-day Indian Ocean ranging from Madagascar in the West to Western Australia in the East including modern day Sri Lanka, Southern Indian States of Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

According to the Tamil Revivalists, Kumari Kandam was the place where the first two Tamil literary academies (Sangams) were organised and is believed to be the cradle of civilisation. In this day and age of renouncing our past and its glory in the grips of western pressure, the concept of Kumari Kandam which is very close to the hearts of people from South, it felt ideal to be the title for Parimal Shais’ debut 15 tracks experimental hiphop/rap album heavily sampled from South Indian traditional musical instruments and sounds blending with the current trap beats aesthetics giving a very fresh and unique approach to hiphop production.

Stream the full album here – https://lnkfi.re/kumarikandam

12 out of 15 songs from this album features various handpicked highly talented artists from the South Indian hiphop scene who are on the rise and have a very high spirit and they all share a similar vision in holding up the culture and the movement down South of India. All the songs from this album are produced, mixed and mastered solely by Parimal; the lyrics are entirely original and are written by the respective featured artists. Parimal has been working on this album for almost a year and it’s a long time coming project with a very strong creative approach and vision.