Haji Springer x Raxstar collab on Neend – #Dava exclusively on Apple Music

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Haji Springer  started the day off with a brand new album – Dava – and a new music video with Raxstar – Neend!

The man has been one of the most influential personas in Desi Hip-Hop, and has been a heavy contributor to the global Desi Rap community and has uplifted not only himself, but a whole lot of personas along the way to his freedom as an artiste.

This time, with his solo album, “Dava”, he claimed his own stake in the game. To summon in this new era for Haji Springer, he launched his album – DAVA – along with the music video to Neend featuring Raxstar.

Both veteran artists jumped on this dope beat and killed it with their dope flows and sick rhymes. With a sick visuals to go with the release, it is undoubtedly a massive flag that Haji Springer planted in the Desi Hip Hop genre.

Watch NEEND – Haji Springer ft Raxstar 

#Dava Exclusively only on Apple Music & iTunes 

Haji Springer went on to say that Keede “set the tone for the album quite a bit.” but songs like “My letter to hip hop”, “Zindagi” and “Dava” are about to set the tone in the industry. Haji added, “I think it’s some of the best shit I’ve ever recorded.”

Dava features some of the dopest veterans of Desi Hip Hop music including Raxstar, 3AM Sukhi, Fateh Doe, and others. Grab the singles, download the album exclusively on Apple Music for the next 2 weeks!