Haji Springer links up with Omer to drop another banger


Haji Springer just dropped another banger, and this time he is featured with OMER. Omer took this opportunity to make his debut in the Desi Hip Hop game, and what a banger of a debut this is!

US based Desi emcees Omer and Haji Springer dropped a fire flex on Desi Hip Hop with ‘Tu Jaanega’. In this single, we see Omer and Haji flexing on a fire beat spitting Hindi, Punjabi and English rhymes. Haji has a Hindi Travis Scott vibe going in his verse too. Check the video out below to know more.

Omer is an American artist with deep Punjabi roots. His interests in music started early on and he’s been grinding ever since. With this debut single, Omer made his mark and is ready to take on the Desi Hip Hop genre in full force.

Interestingly, in Haji’s verse, he referred to being in the game since 1995. The man’s really been on the grind for well over 20 years; with a consistent work ethic like that, he has made sure that his brand is known among Hip Hop fans all over the world.


Haji Springer‘s singles like ‘Koi Ni Parwa’, ‘Brand New Swag’‘Preet’, Sanjay Dutt, spread like fire. With multiple albums – including the Apple exclusive, Dava, which dropped in 2018, Haji Springer has most definitely made his mark with his music. In a recent interview with Desi Hip Hop, Haji reflected on his success by saying, “To me the most important factor was staying true my beliefs and the art. Even when some people told me this won’t work and change this and that, I stuck to my plan and didn’t change shit. Stand up for what you believe in.”

Haji went on to say: “I believe the Desi Hip Hop scene is moving in a good direction right now. You have more artist now then ever and though every single rapper isn’t gonna be number 1. I still respect the art and love to see people coming together in the name of hip hop. B-boys, battle rap, speaking your mind. That’s what is hip hop is.”