HaikuJAM & Bombay Lokal Team Up For A Playful Night Of Rhythm And Poetry!


Social writing app, HaikuJAM, is teaming up with Mumbai city based resident Hip-Hop Collective – Bombay Lokal for a playful night of rhythm and poetry. The evening will include an exclusive performance from the collective, writing games and a collaborative freestyle rap cypher with the audience.

 Connecting Poets

The HaikuJAM app gets people from all walks of life to write poetry together. Inspired by the depth and brevity of 3-line Japanese poetic form called “haiku”, the app empowers its community to say a lot with very little and makes it easy for anyone, from a fruit vendor to the Prime Minister, to create with words.
Bombay Lokal Hits Mumbai's Local Train And Raps Impromptu For The Crowd!
Inspired by the collaborative nature and socially engaged practice of Bombay Lokal hip-hop collective, which consists of a tight-knit community of rappers, emcees, b-boys, DJs, beat boxers and street artists from Nalasopara, HaikuJAM is also bringing together the world’s of haiku and rap for an intimate evening at its cottage-cum-art space in Bandra, Mumbai.

Event Schedule

The house party-style event will take shape in three parts. First, the guests will get inspired by Bombay Lokal’s exclusive performance of unreleased tracks. Then, they’ll have a chance to loosen up and get to know each other by writing haiku, one line each, with others in the room.
Finally, Bombay Lokal will invite the audience to take part in a collaborative freestyle cypher where the collective will turn their haiku lines into rap verses right on the spot. This event is for anyone who likes music, writing, trying new things or meeting interesting
Tickets are Rs. 200 per person, available from bandra.haikujam.com. Each ticket includes free food, drinks, and even a surprise gift.
Find out more about Bombay Lokal here:

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