Guru Lahori kicks off 2018 with Brand New Single


Guru Lahori kicked off the new year with a brand new single – etching his name on 2018 in the most productive way possible for an artist.

Guru Lahori has been on a mission to drop sick singles back to back for the past number of years. In 2017, he dropped a ton of content, new music, and collaborations. Collaborations like ‘Proper Credit’ with Pak Man and Repeat with his crew (Black Eye Galaxy) and Kala Kurta Gang, became extremely popular among Desi Hip Hop heads around the world.  He’s the type of rapper who knows what he wants, and he goes for it with hard work and dedication.

To kick off 2018, he dropped “Im Still Fly”, and this track has nostalgia written all over it. The vocals in the hooks bring the verses together in a natural way which just makes the track an awesome single to vibe to.

Listen to Guru Lahori’s “Im Still Fly” 

Guru Lahori’s about to drop a shit ton of more singles, tracks, and collaborations throughout 2018. As he amps up for more music, fans can reach out to him via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.