GULLYGANG comes together in ‘Vibe hai’

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DIVINE’s debut album ‘KOHINOOR’, is the talk of the town and we just just got another reason to keep that conversation going. Mass Appeal India just dropped the video for the track, ‘Vibe Hai‘ from Kohinoor which features Jungli Sher himself and his entire GULLYGANG posse cut which consist of Aavrutti, D’Evil and Shah Rule. We are seeing the entire crew together after the ‘GullyGang Cypher’ and you got to give props to DIVINE for putting his entire squad on the album.

The video has already crossed more than half a Million views and is still stacking views. You can have a look at the video right here.

This posse cut has small  four to six bar verses packed back to back on hype trap slapper of an instrumental by NDS. This banger consist of fire verses in Hindi, Bambaiya Hindi, Punjabi and English and is loaded with punchlines and makes it extremely difficult to choose a favorite. Shah Rule makes a clever conclusion to the second verse by comparing himself to Sanjeev Kapoor as he has also cooked (read mixed) the track.

Bars which caught my attention on the first listen were :

“Badi halchal har jagah batti khairaat

Haq se boltey aaj itehaas itehaas

Toh yeh sunneka nahi tera man hoga aaj

Karte karte masti banadete aag”

       – Sammohit of Aavrutti








The video carries off several individual expressions seamlessly packed as one epic experience. The indoor shoot shows the crew having a baller time and bragging about how it is finally their time. DIVINE is leading by example not just by being a rapper but also being involved creatively in the video alongside his long time homie JD aka  Joel D’souza  and Mohit Mukhi. One thing consistent with the first visual, ‘Kohinoor’ the lead single from the album is the black and white theme, it would be interesting to see if other videos from the album are also going to follow this suite.

It will be interesting to see which video of the album is going to come out next.