Gully Gang Presents Covid Anthem ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ By Dharavi United

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Gully Gang Entertainment has joined hands with rappers from Dharavi United to create a one of kind Covid-19 anthem. Corona virus has got the whole world on lockdown and Asia’s largest slum is one of the worst hit areas in the city of Mumbai. Rappers MC Altaf, Stony Psyko from Dopeadelicz and Bonz N Ribz from 7Bantaiz have penned this latest joint.

‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ is a heartfelt song by some of the city’s leading multilingual emcees. Requesting people to stay home so the frontline workers can do their job of keeping everyone safe. Dharavi, an area which is stretched over barely 2 kilometres of space has a population of over 7,00,000 people. Naturally, this densely populated area has seen a spike in the number of cases. As a matter of fact, social distancing isn’t as practical as it seems.

Despite the odds, the rappers have urged people to do their part in order to ensure that things do not escalate unnecessarily. Rapping in Hindi, Marathi as well as Tamil, this multilingual anthem aims to bring awareness on the protocols to keep in mind during this pandemic. The rappers are urging people to wear mask, follow social distancing, wash their hands frequently. And most of all stay home and avoid loitering out in the streets.

Stay Home, Stay Safe is more than just a message to the people of the country. It is an idea, a clarion call to unify everyone in the country for a common cause i.e. to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. Through this multi lingual track and video, we aim to raise awareness about COVID-19, it’s symptoms, precautions and challenges, specifically in densely populated areas, specially in Mumbai, with the words coming straight from Dharavi’s very own MC Altaf, 7Bantaiz & Dopeadelicz.”

– Gully Gang Entertainment

Furthermore, ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ also received tremendous support from the Bollywood scene. Many actors have appeared in the video lip syncing to the words penned by the talented bunch. To name a few actors Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Ajay Devgn, Atul Kulkarni along with actress Dia Mirza are spotted doing cameo in the video. Produced by Captain Fuse, the video is presented by Joel D’Souza.

Watch ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’, a covid anthem by Dharavi United here –