Gully Boy Trailer Marks Smashing Start Of Desi Hip Hop’s 2019

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This year’s most awaited movie for the┬áDesi Hip Hop scene is undoubtedly ‘Gully Boy’. Teaser of which has already become talk of the town and is trending number one on YouTube. The teaser trailer that released last weel has already crossed 15 million views and is becoming a fan favourite with full force. The movie based on the come up story of rappers Divine and Naezy is going to change the rap game in South Asia forever. The power packed Hindi bars written by Spitfire and performed by Ranveer Singh is on every rap fan’s mind right now!

In just a minute and a half, director Zoya Akhtar has made it abundantly clear this movie is full of depth. Romance, drama, betrayal, passion for one’s art – it all binds together in the small glimpse we catch from the teaser. Ranveer is spitting heartfelt bars talking about his journey as a rapper who wants to introduce India to real hip hop. Surely this is a breath of freshness from the usual stereotypical ‘four bars between a Bollywood song’ that hip hop has fallen under. The teaser is gritty, intriguing and enough to leave the audience wanting for more. Official trailer releases on January 9th while the movie is slated to release on February 14th.

Many familiar faces from the underground scene can be spotted in the cypher scene shown in the teaser trailer. Bombay Lokal members DCypher and Beatraw were the highlight of it all with their amazing beatboxing! Rappers like Emiway, Dee MC, Spitfire, D’Evil and MC Altaf are few of the names present in the same frame. It’s definitely a moment of pride to see these artists get the props they deserve!

Produced by Excel Entertainment, the film also stars actresses Alia Bhatt and Kalki Koechlin in key roles. While Alia Bhatt plays the love interest of the protagonist, Kalki portrays a music producer in awe of Ranveer’s rap skills. It will be interesting to see how much of the movie revolves on hip hop compared to rest of the plot. Ranveer Singh has undoubtedly captured the essence of a true emcee from what we can see in the teaser. Music for the film is given by Ankur Tewari and rappers Kaam Bhaari and MC Altaf have laid down verses on tracks.

The wait is definitely on! Till then catch the teaser below and tell us what your expectations are from ‘Gully Boy’ –