Gully Boy Part 2 Confirmed!

Indian Hip-Hop started with a spark of ideas and young creative minds coming together and bringing their vision to life. More than a decade later, the fruits of the artists’ labor have started to show. Gully Boy was a massive hit with the box office and the scene itself. Filmmaker Zoya Akhtar has explored a part of the Bombay rap scene to showcase a huge amount of artists and tells a part of their stories through protagonist Murad (Ranveer Singh).

The fact that Bollywood chose to acknowledge Hip-Hop in this closely realistic format is a boon to the scene because it widens the acceptance of rap and Hip-Hop in the country. Farhan Akhtar with his movie Rock On tried to raise and revive the remnants of a falling Rock scene. But it lagged to create the change needed, chalked up to bad timing. With Gully Boy, the movie was timed during the awakening period of the Hip-Hop scene. A time of uprising combined with the efforts of a collective of artists across India.

Gully Boy 2

The movie was a success, it did not dissappoint, and everyone left with their different (mostly positive) perspectives and opinions about it. This adds up in the long run because this sparks a fire in previously undiscovered territory. Ofcourse, with the added star value, the promotion behind the movie and the huge marketing and PR drives – it reaches a massive audience worldwide

Zoya Akhtar recently confirmed that there is a sequel which explores the country-wide theme of Hip-Hop being planned. Speaking to The Deccan Chronicle, she says – “My co-writer Reema Kagti and I do feel there’s so much more to be said on the entire hip-hop culture in our country.  And another film exploring the theme is being scripted and planned.”

This is a further boost for our Hip-Hop community as it strengthens the audience base of Hip-Hop music. Get your gears ready – its coming!