GSifz x Nizam Rabby hops on Future’s Mask OFF beat

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Gsifz – one of the talents to rise out of Bangladesh – has been on the grind working with numerous artists & rappers out there. Asif Mahmood Gsif has multiple hits like “Bishoy Bangla Rap” with Stunners and Black Zang, Ondhokar with Nizam Rabby, Slave for the nicotine with Rafa from ‘avoid rafa’ and Aurthohin and more.

And more recently, he dropped another single with Nizam Rabby and this time, it was Future’s Mask Off remix. Both artists went ham on this, and made it a treat for Desi Hip Hop fans.

Last year he dropped a mixtape SifzNation Vol 1: REHAB which features Nizam Rabby, the legendary rapper/producer F.L.O, Highrollers and more.

Gsifz has also performed on various dope Events including Planet Hip Hop’s Eid special show, CLOSEUP VOLT: A BREATH OF FRESH AIR with Xefer Rahman and Rafa, Comicon with Xefer and more. Representing BD Hip Hop from the core GSifz is one of the realest artists right now

According to sources Gsifz has a full-length project ready and more joints with The Bangla’r Bagh Nizam Rabby are on the way too.

Stay tuned with Desi Hip Hop for announcements.