GRAVITY is Back with New Mixtape “Walls of Jericho”


GRAVITY has just released his new Mixtape called “Walls Of Jericho”. The mixtape drop comes right after the single “Darr Kyu Lage”, which was recently released with a music video.

Talking about the process behind the mixtape GRAVITY said, “Walls Of Jericho was put together throughout the lockdown subconsciously by me but it took a serious form around late September. It is a free flowing audio aesthetic, delving into wrestling. With the title reference because I’ve been a lifelong pro-wrestling fan and Chris Jericho is my favourite wrestler of all time. His finisher in WWE was called the “Walls Of Jericho” and his theme song was the iconic “Break The Walls Down”. So this is a metaphor for the criticism and boxing in mentality of the audience and critics alike which act as the walls and for an artist to truly blossom they’ve to break those walls down thus this project is me making that statement.”


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Containing 5 tracks, the mixtape only has a sole feature by Rhymix. It also features a variety of producers like SWAK, Fatboi Raccoon, Amtra, PRANSHU and Rane. The single for the mixtape “Darr Kyu Lage” is a brokenhearted ode. It also features a really beautiful music video, shot & edited by Infinitium Productions and you can watch it below.

Known for his conceptual albums, GRAVITY is popular among the underground hip hop community, and is slowly gaining momentum with the rise of the hip hop culture in the country. Stream the mixtape “Walls Of Jericho” by GRAVITY below.

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