GRAVITY Drops Old-School Banger “Badlaav”, Gearing Up for “3:16”


Bombay-based rapper GRAVITY has dropped his latest track “Badlaav”, while gearing up for “3:16” project. The old-school jam is produced by RJV Ernesto and features a beautiful music video conceptualized by GRAVITY himself and Infinitum Productions (Adwait Bansode). The track comes out via. DFG Recordings Inc. and is executive produced by Aman Dubey.

Badlaav is the voice of the voiceless, the change that is inevitable and necessary. GRAVITY speaks about his struggles, his skills, the journey, the pay off and what all of it means to him using intense and complex poetic rhymes filled with hard-hitting punchlines, double entendres, dizzying wordplays, metaphors and tongue-twisting flows. The track features no hook making this one full verse the centre of attention with no filler. The grandiose soundscape of the chopped vocal samples in the boom bap beat by RJV Ernesto gives the song it’s core and the foundation that GRAVITY penned this opus to.

Talking about his upcoming project “3:16”, GRAVITY said, “3:16 started out as a very personal idea and concept. It’s more of an universal sign than a vague occurrence. Whether it’s AM or PM, a fast train at 3:16 for Virar, a number plate on a bike in heavy traffic, the last digits of a phone number or a wall bearing the numbers in a music video, I’ve seen it everywhere for the past couple years and it’s only intensified with time. Just like the assumed randomness of these sightings, the project came together in a very unplanned yet natural way fusing popular subgenres in Hip-Hop like boom-bap, trap, drill along with some other important sonic influences like Afro, bounce, dance music, R&B etc.”

Check out the music video for “Badlaav” by GRAVITY below.

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