Graffiti Delhi & SlumGods Host Blackbook Sessions

On January 20 2012, SlumGods and Graffiti Delhi presented the New Delhi BLACKBOOK Sessions where Graffiti Writers from all over Delhi came together to meet, share sketches, build and learn from a couple of elders in the game.  The workshops began with an Open Friendly Blackbook Battle, where all 30 participants were asked  to sketch the word KARMA in honor of one of the international guests in the house, Lady Karma of Kalakari Collective.

Following the Blackbook Battle was a 30minute workshop with the founder of the Graffiti Delhi Group Remolec Insame, who explained 2 point and 3 point perspective to all of the youth the attendance.  The final portion of the workshop was another international collaboration with Brooklyn native Zulu King Slone, Founder of the international graffiti crew Wizards of the Styles.  King Slone video conferenced in with the youth all the way like from Brooklyn, New York City to continue his lessons on Basic Lettering, 3D and shading.  The event concluded with all of the members of the workshop meeting Slone one-by-one and showing him one of their sketches they have been working on.

The vibe was unbelievable, with a room full of artistic youth making waves of change through their self expression and finding a community of like minded artists in the same age and area.

The event was hosted by Whats Up Bharat? and was co presented by SlumGods & Graffiti Delhi.