Ghostface Killah & Lazarus Launch Trailer For Upcoming Track “Decapitation Chamber”!

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The wait is almost over! Music video for the first ever Desi collaboration with the legendary Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah is on its way! Lazarus who has been representing the global standard of Desi Hip Hop since years has dropped the trailer to his upcoming music video with GFK.

Off With Their Heads

If you have been a fan of Lazarus (or if you are just tuning in) the first thing you will notice that Laz isnt your ordinary emcee. He is all in for the competition and skill of rhyming. It is the old school mentality which still prevails in his music and that is what has led him to be noticed by the greats of Hip-Hop.

He recently toured with the Wu Tang Clan and this video only propels his status further. The trailer seems promising and expect nothing less than the most lethal bars and sickest flows from both the emcees. This is takeover time for Lazarus, and the years of hard work are paying off abundantly.

Stream ‘Decapitation Chamber’ by Lazarus and Ghostface Killah Here

Lazarus ghostface killah

In ‘Decapitation Chamber’ the two emcees went head to head after an introduction by Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Right after Ghostface Killah wrapped up his verse, Lazarus went in hard for the next 3 minutes to deliver his decapitation blow.

Since the rise of Hip Hop among Desi and Asian artists, this is the first time that a member of the Wu-Tang acknowledged and co-signed a ‘Desi’ artist. Lazarus came through and took the opportunity to prove his skills and justify the cosign from Hip Hop’s elite.

Stay tuned for the official music video coming up real quick! Send those whack rappers to the decapitation chamber!