This Ganpati Graffiti By Zake, Mooz And NME Is Insane!


Graffiti artists in Mumbai paid ode to Lord Ganesha during the festivities. Even though this was done last year, it is worth sharing every single time during Ganesh Chaturthi. Artists Zake, NME and Mooz got together to create three individual 10 feet tall Ganpati Graffiti!

NME Graffiti posted the video on Facebook quoting, “Wicked Broz dedicate this video to the spirit that grips our city every year. To the hardwork of laying mandaps and the fervour at visarjans!” In the video we can see all the three artists engrossed in the art of spraying. What results is beautiful depictions of Lord Ganesha that are a treat to the viewers eyes!

graffiti ganpati 2NME Graffiti In Action

While Zake went for a full sized image of Ganpati, NME opted for a side-facing one. Mooz on the other hand had a beautiful abstract version of Lord Ganesha sprayed on the wall. All three Graffitis are absolutely amazing and we just cannot pick a favourite!

graffiti ganpati 3Graffiti by Mooz

Earlier we had spoken to Zake about the future of Graffiti art in India. He stated, “Kids don’t really want to take the risk. I don’t really see new taggers everyday. Just same old people or a new guy popping out for a month and just fading away.”

zake graffitiZake

Also, I can’t deny that a lot of people want to learn this art but don’t really want to take the risk of doing it full time. I understand most of them are kids and live with their parents which makes it difficult so as to explain what you’re doing. But yes I think it will take some more time for people to realise the strength of this art form. Till then, I just want to keep doing my shit to inspire the younger generation and bring a new change in the city,” Zake signed off.

Watch the video to see the Ganpati Graffiti done by Zake, NME and Mooz –

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