Full Power Slam Through The Summer With Latest Banger “Red Alert”!

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Delhi based Hip-Hop duo Full Power (Yungsta and Frappe Ash) are back at it with a sort of surprise drop. “Red Alert” is a track that’s made on an instrumental  produced by Calm (of Seedhe Maut). This track has all the makings of a summer banger and the video just kicks it up a notch.

The banger is an aftermath of the successfull run of their debut album “Showtime”. There are a whole line of music videos coming up. This video by Technolunatic keeps true to the vibe of the track and features cameos from the whole Delhi OG squad – Seedhe Maut + MC Kode and Vaksh Vimal.

High Alert

There is a distinct sound that Full Power brings on to a track. The songs that influence the duo are from beyond the country and this is evident in the way they adapt to flows and delivery. The chain of words in hooks and verses are distinguishable from a lot of different voices in the scene.

Full Power makes it a recurring theme to keep their music on a separate shelf from a lot of other duos and crews in the country and community. Both Yungsta and Frappe Ash have their own solo bodies of work that sound nothing like Full Power music – and that is what makes this duo uniquely talented.

This binary crew is on a roll and consistently releasing music and dropping videos. They are also performing frequently in different cities. More reason to put them on your playlist! Watch “Red Alert” by Full Power down below and share the track if you feeling the vibes! #SabFullPower