Full Power & MC Altaf Launch Debut Major Release “Shauk Nahi” Through Zee Music!

Full Power – Yungsta & Frappe Ash have been raking in the fruits of their successful album “Showtime” for a while now. The album gained a lot of new ears and amassed a newfound following for the binary crew. With multiple successful music videos of their songs, the duo has now released their first collaboration outside the album via a major label.

Shauk Nahi features Mumbai 17 emcee MC Altaf as well as collaborators Pravin Habib (Team 8E), and directed by Technolunatic. The song is produced by none other than Baajewala – who is on a roll lately dropping hit after hit.

Making Moves

Full Power have been on their grind and have never stopped on their time. Be it creating grand albums or launching mixtapes or singles, their art is always perfected down to the T. This is a quality that very few emcees uphold in the midst of creation. MC Altaf is also no such stranger to this, he has added his style and flavor to the beat as only he can.

There is a need for more such collaborations on major outlets such as these. It not only gives the public an expansive view of the Hip-Hop community, it also gives the people a feeling of the essence of real hip-hop in the scene. These are the artists breaking those barriers down as we speak.