Full Power Debuts A Fierce Album – “Showtime”!

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Delhi duo of Yungsta and Frappe Ash have finally established their binary crew – Full Power! This collaboration was a long time coming and is one of the most anticipated ones in the scene.

The way the duo has combined their similar sounds and vibes and created a core sound is something to be admired. They have not only used their vocal tones to support the kind of tracks they are getting into, but have also played around with the songwriting of the album. Setting the tone for the full album with distinctive synergy and focused attention. The album is a youthful, energetic and real as it gets.

Showtime is not an album to be experienced as a whole when you want to listen to some laid back music. This is pure turn up, hype music. Crafted and designed by two of the most well-distinguished rap artists in the country.

Full Steam Ahead

The duo has catapulted themselves on a new direction, the sounds they are experiencing and bringing to life are almost surreal as they move onward in their journey. What is also lesser known is the humble attitude they carry with them as musicians. But make no mistake, they are as raw and real on the mic as they are humble in real life.

We caught up with the duo for an interview and asked them about their individual journeys in the rap game, this is what they had to say;

Frappe Ash

Q1) The grind has never stopped for you, describe how you feel as a musician at this point in your career?

1) Ill feel amazing forever bro, I just have to keep evolving, as a rapper one can always outdo oneself. I have an EP on the way and it sounds nothing like what Ive done before till showtime.

Q2) Why the name Full Power? Also, what does the title “Showtime” represent?

2) Full power is the vibe, once you catch it right, you will know that everyone needs to be and is, full power. When me and Yash started making songs again we realized as a combined act we assist everyone and is to be full power for the right reasons. Me and Yash shifted together last year and we were jamming and writing so in a matter of 2 months we were done working on 4-5 tracks so we added more and delete a couple and added a couple of collabs, that’s much about it. So yeah Yash’s last album was called “Rehearsal” so it had to be Showtime. And its showtime, you know, to your life. Better be full power.

Q3) Being one of the few binary crews in India, what makes FP different?

3) Our sound, our performances, production, everything is full power. You shall see in the next album, we have started with it. The listeners will know it’s simple, yet very cinematic at the same time. Wait for some time! We have been cooking.

Q4) Whats next in store for the fans and listeners?

4) Yash has an EP on the way, I have an EP on the way, and full power’s first album is on the way, we are done with a couple of songs, I have collaborations with new artists and so does Youngsta. In fact we bout to drop one of them soon in a couple of months


Q1) How would you describe your synergy with Frappe Ash? How did it all start?

1) We have been friends for a long time now and when we shifted together for a small period of time we decided to utilize it by making music together because both of us were certain that the process would help us both grow as individuals learning from each other and the output will be legit too The vibes and the goal we have are very similar but the approach is a contrast which makes it interesting for us to work together and also makes the output interesting for the audience

Q2) How do you feel about riding the independent wave? Does Indian Hip-Hop really need labels? What is the need of the hour?

2) It’s great to be an independent artist.Labels were required in the earlier times to get the distribution done in the stores but right now because of the digital stores and the ease of uploading your songs these said stores independently,one doesn’t really need a label.However,we as Indian hip hop artists require a good management to help us score good gigs because that’s where most of the money is and strategize proper PR and press for us in order to help us reach more people.

Q3) Showtime is an amazing album, what was the creative process behind it?

3) Glad you feel so about the album man. When we decided to do a collaborative project,the whole concept was to make an album which we could perform at any gig top to bottom without changing the vibe of it still managing to keep it from being monotonous which was a challenge.On top of that,the way we wanted to make it sound and actually executing it is a challenge which made us learn a lot about the process of making music.In this process we even discovered the core sound of ‘FULL POWER’ which is different from the way me and Frappe sound individually which people will get to hear in the forthcoming album.

Q4) Which is your favorite song off the album and why?

4) I can’t really select one track off the album to be my favourite,I’d like to leave it that to the audience because the whole album is a product of our dedication and we’ve put in equal work and effort in all of the songs so that’s that. However KHAARIJ is one song which I’d say hits home the closest to the core sound of FULL POWER which we’re developing for the next album and I’m excited for people to listen to that song in particular as it’d prepare the audience for what we have in the body work!