Frekey And Mojo Gave Jay Z’s “Story of OJ” A Desi Beam Twist!


Desi Hip Hop’s beloved crew Desi Beam is back with a banger for their fans this year. The crew has been absent from the scene for well around a year’s time. Frekey and Mojo brought the brown flavour to Jay Z’s “The Story of OJ” beat. Giving the message of all of us being “Still Desi” at the end of the day. The crew which has had few riffs with fellow artists from the scene in the past has come back to preach unity as the need of the hour.

While rivalry and envy is not uncommon in hip hop, the North scene has witnessed it first hand more compared to other parts of India. Being the scene for well over a decade, Desi Beam has faced its fair share of hate and ill wishes. “Still Desi” addresses the same issue, in which Frekey and Mojo are urging that no matter what type of Desi you are – tall, short, dark, fair skinned, at the end of the day we are all one.

Jay Z's "Story of OJ"- Still Desi

Talking about the track G Frekey stated, “Still Desi has a very simple yet meaningful concept. Nowadays Desi emcees themselves don’t wish to see other Desis prosper. They don’t want to see anyone else reach higher heights of success than them. It’s the life of today’s human beings. The track sends out a message of unity. All of us in the scene should be supporting each other’s music instead of bringing each other down. We think this track will inspire everyone to stay united!”

Music video of “Still Desi” has an international vibe to it. Beautiful landscapes, exotic cars and artistic tattoos form a posh feel overall. Visionary Films India executed the visuals with M.A.S being the director and K4$H editing the joint. It’s good to see the veterans of the scene stepping back in the game. More good Hip Hop music coming out of South Asia, now that’s the dream!

Watch the video of “Still Desi” by Mojo and Frekey from Desi Beam here –