Fotty Seven’s “Nahi Karni Job” Is For Everyone Struggling With 9 to 5 Jobs!

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Gurugram based hip-hop artist Fotty Seven once again surprised us with his unique concept. As a matter of fact, Fotty Seven raps about the co-operate world in his recent drop “Nahi Karni Job”. He mentioned that this song is not inspired by his story but from many around him. In fact, in his office, there wasn’t a single person who’d feel good about their life and about the job that they have. Turns out nobody wants to work for someone. Everyone has a passion and everyone is scared to quit. He was feeling the same so he just put it all in a track and gave it a shot. Also, when he raps, it’s not your conventional kind.

Fotty Seven

He is the kind of artist who prefers to say real things in a real way. Fotty Seven likes telling stories. Furthermore, he knows that this isn’t something that we haven’t heard before. But he thinks that his storytelling is different from the other guys. Fotty Seven loves to make rhymes where a line connects to the next one. The one with a story in it and one with truth in it. The beat was produced by Aakash Shravan.

In context with “Nahi Karni Job” Fotty Seven mentioned, “I’m planning to do a lot more in Hindi for now. The reason that I didn’t earlier is that I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it right but I think I can definitely improve my writing with each song I write. Tenzin made the video. She is my girlfriend and the best editor/colourist I know.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“Diwali par jo gifts mile, socha aap ke saath baant lu,

Lag raha hai aaj aap naha ke aaye ho, toh kyun na aap ki thodhi chaat lu,

Sir aap par toh film banegi ‘Siva Ji – The Boss – Part 2,

Bas ek patta daal do mere gale mei, poora hi bann jaunga paaltu.”

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