Foreign Beggers’ Ex-Frontman PAV4N debuts KARMA, his solo project

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After 17 years with hip-hop and dubstep group Foreign Beggars – that disbanded in December 2019 – former frontman PAV4N drops his debut track “KARMA”.

“The colour blue is associated with ‘all-inclusiveness’, the vastnessof the sky, ocean, power, time and space and is in my eyessymbolic of our oneness with the universe,” PAV4N explains.

Setting the tone for what to expect from PAV4N, the track boasts of hard-hitting bars which are both conscious and subversive, some knocking 808s, coupled with intriguing Indian vocal samples and comes equipped with a stunning music video shot in Vrindavan, Mathura, Shergarh and New Delhi. The track has been produced by contemporary, up and coming producer from Leicester, 2NV.

“As PAV4N, the fact that I can really explore my history and heritage through artistic expression – beyond just the music – has given so much more dimension to how I can express my message and opened so many new doors to collaboration, whether through visuals, fashion, and art,” PAV4N says about his solo project, adding, “Every single detail – from a photograph to a lyric to a location choice – has context and gives me a lot of pride to align and celebrate my ancestry.”

Envisioned as a living art piece, PAV4N is rooted in Indian mythology. Inspired by the aesthetics of blue-skinned Hindu deities – like Krishna, Kali, and Shiva – PAV4N also seeks to employ the wider themes and concepts that surround these legends in the stories he tells through his music and visuals. The video for ‘KARMA’ is directed by Bombay Arthouse.

Having built a body of work that includes collaborations with the finest of the music industry, hits in the UK Top 10 and appearances at every major festival around the world, PAV4N’s credentials as a rapper are well established. 2020 will also see more releases by PAV4N as well as a series of theatrical live shows with launch events in India, UAE, UK and US, complete with bespoke visuals and motion graphics.

Stream KARMA till then below.

HEADER IMAGE by @mitsun for @pav.4n