The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – Young Emcees Deeking And Pavani Show Off Their Rap Skills

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The Fifth Element aims at bringing together like minded individuals whose dedication towards hip hop speaks volumes. Every week Dee MC invites artists from all elements of hip hop. For a session that discusses the fifth most ignored element of hip hop i.e. knowledge. While we have had emcees, beatboxers, bboys and bgirls and even DJs and producers on board, last week’s episode was one of the highlights of this series.

Joining Dee MC were two young aspiring rappers whose passion for hip hop is infectious to say the least. Pavani from Delhi and Deeking from Jabalpur are two of the youngest rappers coming out of the Indian underground scene. Talking about their inspirations, both the emcees paid their ode to Dee for having them live with her. For Dee herself this episode certainly stood out because of the raw enthusiasm shown by both Pavani and Deeking.

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Like every week Dee MC started off the episode with her weekly Hot 5 list which you can check in the above mentioned link. Joining the session was Pavani, who only recently completed her graduation studies. Through the world of internet Pavani found her way towards this beautiful culture called hip hop. She is also a trained Kathak dancer and also had the knack for writing poems when she was younger. Rhythm and poetry happened to be naturally instilled in her which now helps her pen down fiery bars with a flow that is authoritative.

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Pavani spit some bars for the audience and further spoke of her upcoming music video titled ‘Chakravyuh’ releasing this month. Following up to this interaction was Jabalpur based young’un Dhruv aka Deeking. The 13-year-old rapper became the youngest hip hop artist from India to release a mixtape. This seven-track EP titled ‘D.H.R.U.V.’ is one of a kind in all its aspects. Not only is it the first mixtape by the youngest hip hop artist hailing from India, it also is the first mixtape coming out of the city of Jabalpur.

What makes it all the more special is Deeking’s multi-talent. He has not only penned and recorded his own verses but has also mixed the whole album himself. Not just that, three out of the 10 tracks are produced by Deeking himself. We’re more than impressed with his debut EP and are only wishing to see him soar higher and higher! Deeking speaks about hip hop so passionately that it will make a veteran remember the golden days of the rap game. Before signing off he also performed couple of songs from the mixtape. Watch the full episode to hear his fiery bars as well as Pavani’s rap verses.