The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – Slyck TwoshadeZ Introduces Kalakaari

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Dee MC kicked off her weekly series ‘The Fifth Element’ coming to your quarantined screens every Tuesday at 10pm IST. In her own words she aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. Shows and other major events can be anticipated to be on a lockdown for several months due to the corona outbreak. However, the action doesn’t stop!

Every single week we have guest artists ranging from all five elements of hip hop and in last week’s session we had veteran Delhi rapper Slyck TwoshadeZ join Dee MC. The emcees touched on various topics right from the inception of hip hop scene almost a decade ago, to its current state as well as what the future holds. Coming from the deep belly of underground music, Slyck has seen his own share of history of hip hop in India. Especially in the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh, Slyck has many memories that shape who he is today.

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Dee started off asking Slyck about his quarantine days and a little bit about his journey from the Delhi rap scene to now being in the US. Slyck who is recovering from a spinal injury has been taking it easy to regain his physical strength. Although his enthusiasm in the whole episode masked the physical pain he was enduring. Slyck TwoshadeZ gave ode to some of the forgotten heroes of the Chandigarh rap scene including Desi Beam, Pardhaan and Kru172. Talking about the formation of his duo TwoshadeZ with Zan, the rapper was eager to let us know that a lot is in store for future from their side.

Slyck can easily be called as one of the pioneers who helped a lot of budding emcees find their comfort zone and style. He’s been a guiding force behind a lot of rappers who are doing big things in the Delhi rap game. His own recent releases ‘Sabsey Tez’ and ‘Kalam aur Kagaz’ are examples of his persistent perseverance. ‘Sabsey Tez’ boasts of a sick lineup from the Delhi rap scene with every artist showcasing their chopper flow rhymes. While ‘Kalam aur Kagaz’ is a heartfelt rap penned and performed by Slyck. Getting to know that the beat for ‘Sabsey Tez’ is produced by a 15-year-old female producer named Nikita was definitely one of the highlights of this episode.

Slyck Twoshadez donning his Kalakaari cap

Another key discussion was the dedication required to pursue your musical dreams despite having a 9 to 5. Slyck who has a career in Pharma has juggled with his hip hop persona, multitasking to keep his passion alive. Slyck further spoke of his recent venture known as ‘Kalakaari’. A platform that aims to spread the reach of authentic South Asian hip hop across the globe. It’s amazing to see the growth of the Desi rap sound and more artist driven platforms is exactly what the scene requires at the moment. Slyck and the Kalakaari team aim to provide the much needed support a lot of budding artists in this field could benefit from.

Watch the full episode to know all about it and stay tuned for another fresh episode of The Fifth Element going live tonight at 9 pm IST.