The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – SlowCheeta Releases Debut EP ‘Rok Nahi Paayega’


Every week on Tuesdays, Dee MC invites artists from all elements of hip hop. For a live session that discusses the fifth most ignored element of hip hop i.e. knowledge. Till now we have had emcees, beatboxers, bboys and bgirls and even DJs and producers on board. Last week’s episode had rapper SlowCheeta from Bombay join us for a special reason.

Known as SlowCheeta, this artist rose to fame after his stint in the ‘Don’t Hold Back’ anthem featuring Ranveer Singh. Since then there was no turning back for Cheeta. His rap battle with Ranveer in Gully Boy also received wide appreciation. Soon after the release of the film, he got signed to the label started by the Gully Boy star known as IncInk Records.

SlowCheeta has a different side to his artistry that not many might be aware of. Not only is he a splendid rapper, but he is also a phenomenal professional actor. While the second half of 2019 kept him busy with his acting commitments, he made total use of the spare time he got during the 2020 lockdowns. And the result of which is the latest three track EP titled ‘Rok Nahi Paayega’.

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Rok Nahi Paayega is an uplifting and aspiring 3 track EP. SlowCheeta is a clever artist, who likes to wrap his sharp words in an easy-going sound, presenting them to the audience sometimes almost in disguise. As an artist, he has a clear vision for himself. As the title suggests, the EP is an expression of ‘you can’t stop me’ through three very different tracks.

Tracks include Chal Chal Mere Saath, Shwapon and Wannabe Rapper – each that takes you on SlowCheeta’s personal journey, with his signature lyrical skill and spin, while paying tribute to the hip-hop culture he grew up on and found solace in as a young boy, making him the artist he is today. Before signing off Cheeta dropped some fire bars from the EP as well so be sure to check the full episode out for all the details!

The Fifth Element aims at spreading the true message of hip hop, unity through movement. While lockdown has cornered us in a way, our access to the world through internet makes it easier to stay connected. While rapping as an element usually takes the spotlight, Dee tries to invite and speak about artists from all the elements of hip hop especially those which are quite underrated.

Before inviting the artists Dee also runs through her Hot 5 list for the week. These tracks get updated on our Global Hip Hop playlist specially curated by Desi Hip Hop. Check it out below and tune in on Tuesdays for The Fifth Element!

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